Yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance; that I might bring them to taste of exceeding joy of which I taste; that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost. ~ Alma 36:24

Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter: 10/1/0/2012 ~ Transfer News!

Sister Mackenzie and Sister Kranendonk
District Picture:
Elder Glass, Sister Kranendonk, Sister Aranda,
Sister Schwartz, Elder Paschoalini, Elder Miller,
Elder Tomlinson.
Elder Davis is on the ground.
Dear Family,

Guess what?! I am being transferred. So don't send any mail to the Val Vista address. Please send it to the Main street address. Thank you. I am super excited to be transferred. I will be on bike which I think will be exciting and open for new adventures. So hopefully I will have funny stories to share with all of you. I will be with Sister Carlson. She is an answer to my prayer. I have always wanted to be her companion. She is absolutely amazing and incredible in so many ways. I can't wait to work with her. I love her to death. She is from Colorado. I am extremely blessed to have all my companions. Heavenly Father places all of us around those who will help us to grow the most if we will allow them. I will be back in the visitor center. I am sad to leave this area because I love the people so much. But I am excited to meet new people. I will finally be in an area that is not as wealthy. The area I am going to is a more humble area I feel.

I am so thankful to be a part of so many lives in which miracles happen. It is absolutely incredible how happy you are when you share the gospel with people. There isn't anything like it. You can never know until you do share the gospel with people.

I watched the Relief Society Broadcast at the Stake center. It was fun to be there with a lot of women who I have worked with but at the same time I was wishing I was with my family. It brought tears to my eyes thinking my sisters and mom were watching it together. I loved what the spirit had to teach through these amazing women who have truly been called of God. I know God has chosen the Relief Society Presidency. They have what us women need. I loved how much the Atonement was emphasized. We all need it in our lives. I know the Atonement is a power that comes into our lives. I love you all lots. I miss you like crazy.


Sister Kranendonk

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