Yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance; that I might bring them to taste of exceeding joy of which I taste; that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost. ~ Alma 36:24

Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter: 9/17/2012 ~ Companions

Dear Family,

How is everyone? I am so thankful for the love and support that I am constantly shown. I truly have been blessed with a wonderful family. I am blessed to have family that write me and not the opposite. Sister Lewis's family doesn't want much to do with her. I feel bad for her. But she is strong and knows that I am her family. She is awesome.

Sister Mackenzie and I have been seeing a lot of miracles. The work is moving forward at such a quick pace. I am so thankful to be learning and growing alongside of Sister Mackenzie. Yes we have our struggles but we know that we are suppose to be companions. Heavenly Father put us together for a reason. There are so many people who want to have the gospel. I am amazed at all of the teaching we have been doing lately. We pray for one another. We have come to appreciate one another. We are learning to love one another and to be forgiving of one another. We all seek for forgiveness. It truly is a gift we give to others. I know I desire for Heavenly Father to forgive me. But if I don't forgive my companion of the smallest little thing then I won't receive forgiveness. We continue to love even though people may do things at time that disappoint us or they may have wronged us. Jesus Christ's atonement covers that. He can heal us from those wounds.

I am sad because one of the people I have been teaching on the phone for seven months now was going to get baptized today. But yesterday he texted me to tell me he wasn't going to get baptized. I felt so bad. I don't understand it all. I feel bad he said it over text and didn't call me.

We went out to lunch with Br. Maxwell who is a high councilmen in the YSA stake. He always counsels us on what kind of missionaries we need to be. He talked about the value of walking beside your companion. He said do you expect to walk in front of your spouse the rest of your life. NO he said. He said so start now and walk beside your companion. My companion doesn't always want to walk next to me because I have done something that makes her mad. I usually tend to walk fast and she usually takes her time. So I have had to slow down my pace. She slows down her pace too. It is struggle for me. We drag our feet. But we are representing Jesus Christ. It doesn't look good to walk down the street when you are not walking next to your companion. I am learning the value of slowing down. I know that I am not going to get to the Celestial kingdom by myself. What fun is it to be by yourself? Its not fun. Heavenly Father didn't mean for us to go through life by ourselves. I pray for help to be more patient.

I am doing great and loving life. My feet do not bother me at all. I try to take care of my feet. I am happy. I am so thankful to be serving my Heavenly Father. I love Him and I know He loves me to.

Yesterday in relief society, there was a lady who gave a lesson on the word of wisdom. She use to be overweight. She showed us a picture of herself. She said that she was on every diet, every pill, doing all that she can to loose weight. As she was working out, she felt an impression to study the word of wisdom. As she spent time studying the word of wisdom in Doctrine and Covenants 89, she came to learn that Heavenly Father has taught us all that we need to do to take care of our bodies. He is the creator of us, so why can't he instruct us on how to take care of ourselves. After she studied it, she came to learn how to loose weight. Right now she is the skinnest she has ever been in her life, after having five kids. She is not having to go on all of these crazy diets. I just thought that was a neat and personal thing for her to share with us. I know Heavenly Father can instruct us in how to overcome all the challenges we face. I know He loves us. Jesus Christ truly created us under the direction of our Heavenly Father. They know every cell of our bodies. They are the greater healers of our souls and bodies. I know this to be true in the name of Christ amen.

I love you all.


Sister Kranendonk

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