Yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance; that I might bring them to taste of exceeding joy of which I taste; that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost. ~ Alma 36:24

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Letter: 6/26/2012 ~ Love you so much

Hello Everyone,

So last night I had a dream that it was time for me to come home. It was so fun. We were all there and we were in a super big house that was not our own. We had tons of people there together. So when I woke up I was missing my family. :) I am good, but I do look forward to the day that I can be with all of you again. I miss you tons. How is life for everyone? I hope it is good for everyone.

Yes, my feet have been bothering me. But I think it is getting better. I am making sure to take care of them so I don't ruin them. I still want to dance after my mission. I have been rolling my feet over a frozen water bottle like I was told too. So, we'll see what happens today and if it has already helped. I might need to get a new pair of tennis shoes so I can still exercise in the morning.

This past week has been really good. Sister Anderson and I are focusing on working more closely with the ward councils. We want to help them as much as we can. I feel like I am getting to know the members more. This helps me a lot.

This past weekend, we had Sister Shurtz come on exchanges with us. We saw miracle after miracle. We found two new investigators. We are praying and hoping that they are reading the Book of Mormon and recognizing the spirit. We met this one woman who was a referral from the Elders. She warned us of how awful it is to turn 40 years old. She said if you aren't being good to your body you will have troubles later on. She smokes and drinks. She said you have to be careful about what you put into your body. We will be teaching her more about the word of wisdom later on. :) She is a funny lady. She loves to skate board. Her biggest hang up with the church is the Book of Mormon. She doesn't see how it is any different than the Bible. She feels that if she keeps "The 10", she is fine. But we had a good discussion with her. She is letting us come back. She committed to read 1 Nephi. So I have been praying that she will read and feel the spirit.

Sister Anderson and I have adopted the motto that Sister Avila and I had and it is "Saving souls one sticky note at a time." We love to leave sticky notes on people's doors to let them know we love them. :)

The Bishop of the North Point ward gave us cookies that his wife made. We were telling him how much we appreciated the cookies and how thoughtful they were. He said, "Well, better your butt, than my butt." Got to love Bishops. :) He is awesome. Sister Anderson and I laughed about that for awhile. It was pretty funny.

I love you all tons. I am mailing home pictures today. Miss you tons.


Sister Kranendonk

Monday, June 11, 2012

Letter: 6/11/2012 ~ :)

Dear Family,

How is every one?  How is life?  Elizabeth, Rob, and Molly thank you for writing me this past week. It was so awesome to hear from you. I was touched by what you wrote. It always gives me the extra push that I need to keep going each day.  It has been tough but I am so happy.  :) 

This past week has been super exciting lots of miracles have happened.  I finally had my first baptism this past weekend.  It was a part member family and have been less active for awhile.  The kids were able to get baptized. I spoke about the Holy Ghost at their baptism. It was so awesome to be there for the family.  They kept apologizing for not having opened their door sooner to us and thanked us for being so patient.  To be honest I have there was no need for patience. In the moment I may have needed it but now I am so happy and thankful for this awesome family.  It was such a privilege to be a part of their lives.  I loved teaching them. I forgot my camera cord today or else I would email pictures of it. I will send pictures next week.  It was such a special day to be there for their baptism.  Jonathan and Matthew are the sweetest boys.  It was neat to be there.  As I watched them be baptized I could feel the spirit testify to me that they were doing exactly what they needed to be doing. What a beautiful experience it was.  When I went back to my old area I felt like it was home even though I know Salt Lake is my home.  But people I grew to love and friendshipped were there.  They were excited and happy to see me.  It was a sweet reunion.  Moments like those are tender mercies. I can't imagine what it will be like when we will return to live with Heavenly Father again.  He loves us so much. I can't wait to hug Him one day. :)

Sister Anderson and I stop to talk to everyone. I am getting better at it.  In the sense Heavenly Father is blessing me with more courage and faith to do it.  It is not always easy to approach everyone.  People aren't really rude but I do hate the rejection.  It definitely can wear on your heart but Heavenly Father sends tender mercies your way and makes up for it.  My companion Sister Anderson made a comment yesterday when we were teaching a woman who is not a member of our church, she said we can have a perfect brightness of hope in our trials.  Because we can know that because of our trials Heavenly Father is preparing us for a miracle, a blessing.  So just know that at the end of your trial will be a beautiful miracle. So I think of all the things that our family has gone through lately and I have a perfect brightness of hope because I know there will be a beautiful miracle at the end of each one of them.  I know that it is in the storms of life that I truly come to know the Savior better.  I desire for the Savior and God to be a reality in my life. 

Sister Anderson and I always pray that the heat won't bother us but that we will remember the purpose of why we are out here.  It can be easy to forget that in the heat.  But the Lord has been mindful of those prayers.  I am learning not to mind the heat so much but it really isn't even that hot yet I hear. :)  I keep telling myself that I love the heat and I love feeling the sweat drip down my back.  I know when I sweat I know that at least I am working hard.  I have felt more exhausted lately but I just know that is the result of Sister Anderson and I working hard. 

We found two new investigators this week. I am super happy about it.  They aren't super solid but they need to be introduced to the gospel and have seeds planted in their hearts.  It will be interesting to go back into their homes.  One guy is 25 and I think the only reason why he agreed to meet with us is because we are girls. :) Well any way we get them will take them.  The Lord has a sense of humor and knows His children. 

I love you all lots.  I miss you like crazy.  But I am happy and content with where I am at. I wouldn't trade a mission for anything.  I know the Lord is shaping me and helping me become who He intends for me to become.  I am starting to pray that I may more fully and completely give myself this work.  It is my great privilege and opportunity to serve the Lord in this capacity.  I am extremely grateful to be where I am at and helping to rescue the one.  I have come to learn that the Lord puts a great deal into saving His children.  He goes to great lengths to save one soul at a time.  He'll do with us as He needs.  I hope you all are doing well.  

Love you,

Sister Kranendonk 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Letter: 6/5/2012 ~ New Area

Elder LaRocco, Elder Harper, Elder Reed, Elder Scott, Brother Maxwell, Me and Sister Avila
This is in front of Chili's with my district.  Brother Maxwell always takes us out to lunch.
He is super kind and generous and loves missionaries.
My new roommates:  Sister Orton and Sister Marrott.
These are great sisters.  Sister Orton says hi to Molly and Amelia.
This is my new place.  We live in the guest house of Clyde Bawden.
He is the piano player for Alex Boye and does a lot of his own music.
Me and Sister Avila in front of the mission home.

Dear Family,

How is everyone? You all are in my prayers. I know Heavenly Father is watching over you ever so closely. I know that He loves you all with a perfect love. I know that is true. I am so thankful for each of you. For some reason I have been a little home sick lately but not too bad. So nothing to worry about. I just miss my awesome family. :) I am glad that you are having experiences where you feel that the family is drawing closer together. I know that is what truly matters in this life is family and strengthening those relationships. I am glad to hear that Brianna is doing good so far. I know that Heavenly Father is ever mindful of us. I hope all is well for each one of you. I am thankful for the letters. Thank you Amelia and Rob. I am grateful for the emails I receive.

My area is great. It is weird to be in an area where I don't really know any one. But I am working hard to meet new people. It is amazing how the Lord teaches us to love and how much love we really can have for everyone. I always pray that my heart is filled with more love for everyone around me. Sister Anderson and I are working hard. We are trying to make sure this is the best transfer ever. We are always stopping our car to talk to people. Especially in the heat of the day. As long as I keep telling myself I love the heat and I love to sweat then I am okay. :) But it is worth it because of how desperately people need this message. There is no time to waste when it comes to matters of eternity. I am always praying for more faith and courage to do what I know I need to in my heart. I still struggle in approaching people. It is a battle every time. But I know that what I have is so important and precious and their soul needs it whether they recognize it or not.

Also I continue to strengthen and increase my faith in Jesus Christ. I want the way that I act and talk to be more full of faith. I know this will make a difference. I have also set goals to be more obedient and focused on the Savior. I want to be so much like my Savior, Jesus Christ. If I want anything in this life it would be that. I know that it is a life journey pursuit and every decision and action matters. I know that it is by one decision and action at a time that I become more like him.

Sister Anderson is wonderful. We have a good time together. We are able to teach together and follow the influence of the spirit. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach with her. It is awesome. She has a confident testimony. She is always praying about the little things. She always asks for things she wants and needs and acknowledges that if she doesn't get it that is okay because she understands the Lord's will.

I am a part of the visitor center choir. So once a month we sing at the mission presiden fireside. It has been a lot of fun. Sister Anderson and I might sing a duet together sometime. We'll see how that works out. I will have to practice a lot before that happens.

Remember how much I love and appreciate all of you. I miss you like crazy. But I am happy where I am at. God loves you a lot.


Sister Kranendonk