Yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance; that I might bring them to taste of exceeding joy of which I taste; that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost. ~ Alma 36:24

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Letter: 5/28/2012 ~ TRANSFER NEWS!


Guess what? I am finally be transferred after 7 months or 5 transfers. Crazy! I can't believe it, this will be good though. So don't send any more mail to the Echo Canyon address because I won't be there after Wednesday. My companion Sister Avila will be there still. I am moving from one big house to another big house. It is crazy how big the one is that I am moving to. I definitely have been spoiled. People are so good to us. I am thankful for how kind the members are to us.

My new address is 2625 N. Val Vista Dr. Mesa, Arizona 85213 or you can send mail and packages to the Visitor center 525 East Main Street Mesa, AZ 85203. I am back in the Visitor Center every day now. My new companion is Sister Anderson from Filmore, Utah. She is a cute blonde and taller than me. She loves to talk about the gospel and ...boys. :) Ha ha :) We'll try to stay as focused as we can. She is awesome. I have become good friends with her throughout my mission. She has told me for awhile now that she has been praying to be my companion. She said one day I'll get you. I want to be your companion. It is so nice to know that she loves me so much.

This past week has been a week of miracles. Sister Avila and I found three new investigators. That is pretty big for my area. It has been super crazy. I love the Lord's work more and more each day.

We stopped by this family's house. I have been trying to get into their house the entire time I have been in my area. They are less active and two of their kids are not baptized but want to be baptized so badly. We have tried and tried. When we stopped by this last Saturday, the mom let us in, which rarely happens. We talked to her for a little bit and then asked her about whether or not she wants her kids to be baptized. She said right now this is too stressful for her and her husband, they can't do do this for awhile. It was sad to me because of how good this family is. All they need to do is come back to church.

Then on Sunday Sister Avila and I spoke in sacrament meeting. We talked about how we could follow the Savior more closely in our lives. We prepared all week for these talks. Well after sacrament meeting, the mom and dad of this family came up to me with tears in their eyes. I shook the dad's hand and he said I am so sorry that I have not let you into my house sooner. He asked how soon can you come to my house. I said as soon as you would like. We ended up going later in the evening. We asked why they wanted us to come over and he said we would love for you to teach my children. He continued by saying, "We loved how genuine, sincere, and kind you sisters are. You are exactly who we want to have teaching our family. We feel good about you."  We asked how soon did they want to do the baptism. They thought about this Saturday but decided to move it to the next so they could invite friends and family. We taught them about the restoration. It was awesome.

I have such a great love for this family. I am so thankful to be teaching them. It has been such a special experience. But since I am being transferred I only have one lesson left to teach them. This is the first time in my whole mission that I have been able to invite people to be baptized. I am grateful to be a part of the Lord's work. Whether it is up or down it is still the Lord's work. I am thankful to be serving. Hopefully I can come back for the baptism, but I can't just show up with out new investigators.  I can come if I have a part in the program. We will see what happens. :) We will be teaching them the Plan of Salvation tonight.

Yesterday I had a woman come up to me after sacrament meeting and she said I looked familiar. She said I know you know someone that I know. She said she was from Coleville, Utah. She looked familiar to me as well. I asked her if her last name was Orgill. She said yes. I said I did 4-H with Dustin Orgill your son. She said oh that's right. She said Dustin is in Colorado. Any way what a small world to run into her here on my mission.

I love all of you so much. I hope you are doing well. I am thankful for each of you. Molly I absolutely loved reading your blog post. It touched my heart. So thank you. I appreciate your kind words.

Sister Kranendonk

Friday, May 25, 2012

Letter: 5/21/2012 ~ Trials

How is everyone?

I keep hearing of all these crazy things happening in our family. Boy, life sure isn't without the trials. I can't believe it all. When I hear about these things it causes we to trust in the Lord more and to turn to him more in prayer. Life is fragile and needs to be handled with prayer. Prayer is the protection we all need. I have been learning about how important it is to have faith in Jesus Christ. When people have a lot of questions and worry a lot, I find that their faith in Christ is what needs to be strengthened. Because when we have faith in Christ we don't worry as much. We find the answers we need and can take comfort in whatever happens. Because of what Christ did for us, he makes all things possible. He is the only way we can reach our Father in Heaven.

There is great power in the Atonement. It is the very power in which our hearts can be healed and comforted. When I find my faith is weak, I know I need to draw closer to Christ and not to pull away from Him. When we pull away we lose sight of what really matters and that everything will be okay in the end. There have been quite a few times that my faith has been weak and I needed help this past transfer. So I would try to find a scripture that would help me to recommit myself to Heavenly Father and be more faithful. I try to find one verse on Faith to read every day. Then this way I know in whom I trust. Amidst weakness and trials I can still be loved and still move forward and know that things will be okay. I know Christ lives. He is the strength in which I can do ALL things. We can't forget how much we have been blessed with and that the Lord is incharge.

Some of my favorite faith scriptures are Alma 44: 3-4 and Ether 12:4. We don't have to let our faith wither away. It can be strong and rock solid. That comes through constant reliance on the Lord through prayer and scripture study.

Love you so much. Sorry I ran out of time. I will write a letter though. I love you all so much. I know that things will be okay no matter circumstances any of us are in. Take care.

Sister Emily Kranendonk

P.S. remember to get on and do your profile and send me the link. I can't wait to see them. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Skyping with Em on Mother's Day

Hey Everyone,

This is Em's favorite sister, Molly, blogging from Taylorsville, Utah! Holla! Just kidding... Ok so for reals now, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Vernal with the rest of my family to Skype with Sister Kranendonk on Mother's Day.  We all went to Vernal because that's where our Mom was going to be.  Elizabeth and Eric were nice enough to invite all of us out to celebrate Mother's Day and Abbie's birthday.  Phil and I decided we would drive out and pack up our computer, speakers and sub so that we would all be able to see Emily and each take a turn to talk to her.  We hooked up the computer to the TV so that even when you weren't directly in front of the computer you could still see Em. 

Sometime that afternoon my mom got a call on her cell phone.  And sure enough it was Emily calling to let us know when she would be calling on Skype and also so that we could tell her which Skype account to call.  She said that she would be calling around 5pm her time, which meant 6 our time.  We waited for what seemed like forever before she finally made the call on Skype.  Chloe was about going crazy waiting for the call! As soon as we saw her we all got misty eyed and wanted to cry...ok well at least Mom and the sisters did.  She was able to go to the Bishop's house in order to Skype with us and he told her she could Skype with us for like 2 hours? Maybe he said 4...I can't quite remember, but it seemed awfully generous, but the Visitors Center President said 40 minutes, we found a happy medium, it was a little over an hour. 

It was so wonderful being able to see her face and hear her voice.  She looks absolutely beautiful!  She has changed a lot, but she is still Emily.  Sometimes in her letters we don't always see the joking, silly girl that she is, but to talk to her we definitely saw that.  It was so fun to show Emily the new babies in our family, Jacob and Layla.  We can't wait for her to get home so she can hold them and get to know them better :) We all miss her so much!  We loved hearing her tell stories and share her testimony with us.  She truly is a wonderful missionary, and has an amazing companion, who we are so grateful for.  Emily said that she appreciates the letters so much, they truly help her.  So keep the letters coming for this sister missionary! :) 

Em, we loved being able to Skype with you.  You are so beautiful and you have a wonderful way of bringing the spirit to the conversation even when it's just over Skype. We miss you! Keep up all the hard work!


The Favorite Sister...


Phil, Abbie, Elizabeth, Amelia, Eric, Brianna and Chloe
Elizabeth, Amelia, Dad, Chloe and Mom
Mom Skyping with Em
Amelia and Jacob Skyping with Em

Phil and Layla
Sleepy Abbie
Sister K telling a story
Our beautiful Sister Kranendonk

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Easter Pageant Pictures

I meant to send these pictures a while ago, but here are a few more pictures we took during the Easter pageant with all the stage props.  I loved the Easter pageant.


Sister Kranendonk

Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter: 5/14/2012 ~ Mother's Day Phone Call Home


It was so wonderful to talk to most of you yesterday. Too bad not everyone could me there. But I did enjoy it. I loved seeing all of you. It was fun to see how much is still the same and how much is not the same. It is crazy that is for sure. Sometimes life doesn't seem real. I can't believe that there is a new nephew and niece. But it was so much fun. Thank you for traveling to Vernal and helping out. Phil, I appreciate how you helped to make it possible. Thank you Elizabeth and Eric for always letting all of us come and stay with you. I look forward to those days but in the mean time I will enjoy my mission. It is going by so quickly. I can't believe it. It is fun to hear how things are going for everyone.

I had a blast teaching primary yesterday. I can't wait to have a calling in primary someday. Singing those songs are so fun. Music is so powerful. I love how the hymns in the church teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It teaches so powerfully the plan of salvation and the restoration and all the doctrines. As I learn more about the power of the hymns, it makes me want to make sure that my home is filled with good music. I can see how dad has so much fun in primary with those kids.

A new tool that we are trying to use as missionaries is prayer. It may not sound all that new. But when we approach people that are not members of the church we ask if we can pray with them in their home. I have seen how prayer softens those hearts. I think it will serve to help us to find more people to teach. Prayer is the beginning of a miracle. Miracles only come according to our faith and the will of God. I know Heavenly Father wants us to be happy.

I am learning to be more bold and how much better it is to be bold. People need to know what my purpose is because then they can truly know that we represent Jesus Christ. I have learned that boldness and overbearance are different things. Boldness has love behind it. We say and do things because we remember the eternal picture of what really matters. Overbearance does not have good intentions. I continue to learn the value of love and kindness. Those two things are what softens stubborn and hard hearts. I know that as I am more obedient to the will of God my love for others grows. I want my heart to be big and full of love for everyone. I want to have a greater capacity to love people. I love coming to know the love of Christ and of our Father in Heaven.

I love you all. Thanks for making me so happy yesterday. I was just beaming when I was done. I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. Take care!

Sister Kranendonk


My companion wants me to tell you all hi and that she appreciates what a good family I have. She also said that you have a great sister and daughter. But I know I am that way because of my family.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Letter: 5/7/2012 ~ Missionary Work

Hello Family!

I just got done looking at Molly's blog. It is crazy to see changes in everybody and at the house. But it is also good to see some things are still the same. It looks like you all are having fun.

Life is wonderful here in Arizona. I absolutely love my companion Sister Avila. She definitely helps to make me a better person. We have a lot of fun together. I am truly blessed. We are working hard every day. I am thankful for all the things that I am learning.

So usually I am at church for seven hours. Yesterday Sister Avila and I went from one meeting to the next. We started at seven in the morning and got done at four. Since we were fasting there were no lunch breaks which meant more meetings. I am sure some of you can relate. But yesterday was awesome. I absolutely loved it. I was spiritually fed all day.

I am so thankful to have learned so many wonderful things. I was trying so hard to be taught by the spirit in spite of how good or not so good the teacher is. I truly have a testimony that if we ourselves are open to the spirit any and every church meeting can teach us something. I have learned that when I am open to the whisperings of the spirit then they don't pass me by. It is worth turning down the music and focusing on how the Lord would have us help his children. I want to invite all of you to pray for promptings of the spirit to do missionary work. It is easily done because we can do it through talking about what we love about the church. There are things people talk about all the time and we can share something with them from the gospel that can relate. I promise you if you want missionary experiences you will have them.

There is much work to be done here on the earth. The Lord has called us to share the gospel. President Ellsworth has invited us to pray that our feelings of urgency be increased. Which is true when you think about the eternal scheme of things what really matters is all the good we have done and the chances we take to share the gospel. I know it is not easy but the Lord won't leave us to do it all on our own. We aren't meant too.

I have to get going but I will write a letter later. I am thankful for all of you. I love you tons. I can't wait to talk on Mother's day.

Love ya,

Sister Kranendonk