Yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance; that I might bring them to taste of exceeding joy of which I taste; that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost. ~ Alma 36:24

Friday, October 7, 2011

1st Time at the Mesa Arizona Temple

The beginning of this blog truly started back in January of this year, 2011. Emily had the opportunity to travel with a friend to Phoenix for a long weekend. We all decided that one of the fun things we could do was to visit the Mesa Temple; Emily had never been there before. We enjoyed walking around the temple grounds and going into the Visitors' Center.  I wish I could say something magical happened or Emily had an epiphany, but she didn't. We had a lovely time and enjoyed the warm sun shine. Little did we know that Emily would be serving here in less than a year.



February 18, 2016

When I went to this temple and visitor center, I thought it was pretty cool.  I remember we walked in the visitor center where the Christus statue was.  We sat there and admired the statue.  There was a sister missionary who came over and asked us if we would like for her to share the narration with us.  We said no that we were about to leave.  I remember thinking wow what a boring mission. That sister missionary looked tired and didn't look happy.  Little did I know what this mission was really all about. I didn't remember this experience until I was in the mission field and started serving in the visitor center.  I am sure I looked exactly like that sister missionary.  At that point I thought you only served at the visitor center all day every day. But that is not the case.  I love this little spot of land with all my heart. It was somewhere where I came to know God in such a way that I couldn't have.  It was my sacred grove where I came to know God, some of his children and myself.


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